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The First National Bank of Mifflintown's lending department offers loans to satisfy every type of personal and business need. From vehicle loans, to mortgage loans at competitive rates, to business lines of credit, the First National Bank of Mifflintown stands ready to serve your needs. We are a highly experienced institution.

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Mortgage Loans

The First National Bank of Mifflintown is one of the leading mortgage lenders in the area. We offer fixed and variable rate mortgages. A fixed rate mortgage has a set interest rate with various maturities available. A variable rate mortgage is a loan with an adjustable rate that changes annually, based on an interest rate index.

For your convenience, you may elect to have your mortgage payment automatically deducted from any of our checking or savings accounts. A record of the deduction will appear on your monthly statement. Apply Now.

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Installment Loans

Installment loans include auto, personal, home improvement, and consumer goods loans. The loans are based upon a defined repayment schedule of equal monthly payments.

With any installment loan, you may elect to have your payment automatically transferred from any of our checking or savings accounts. You choose the account the payment should come from, and the date of the month you want the payment to be made. We do the transfer automatically. Each month you will receive a record of the transfer on your monthly statement.

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Home Equity Lines of Credit

If you are a homeowner who wants a convenient and flexible way to borrow, The First National Bank of Mifflintown has a Home Equity Line of Credit for you. With this type of credit line, you may borrow money based on a percentage of the value of your home. The proceeds of the loan can be used for home improvements, debt consolidation or education expenses.

If you have questions or need additional information on Mortgage, Installment or Home Equity loans, please contact your local Community Office Manager. Please do not send confidential information via e-mail.

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