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Online Banking

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The Online Banking Application is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and requires Acrobat reader. If you do not currently have Adobe installed, please click icon below for a free download. The link will open in a new window, just close after download is complete, you will still be at the bank site.

  The application is in Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) format and requires Acrobat Reader.
If you do not have Adobe installed, please click on the icon for a free download.


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Account Information

Our online banking feature is so convenient, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Now you can manage your finances in the comfort of your home. Pay bills at midnight. Check your account balance at 3 a.m. Transfer money on a Sunday. Gain access to your records from any computer with Internet access, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Log on and enter your password. That's all you need to do for complete access to your checking account. You'll have balance information, the ability to confirm deposits, transfer money in and out, and make electronic payments. You can even view your account history.

Balance information. Money transfer. Account history. The same online flexibility applies to your saving accounts. Want to get information about CDs or learn more about current rates? Online Banking will allow you to view account information and set-up reminders for automatic savings plans.

Online Bill Payment
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If you already use a money management tool, you'll appreciate this feature. The First National Bank of Mifflintown can now support the electronic exchange of your financial data via the Internet. That means that you can download your statement for use in personal financial management software such as Intuit's Quicken or Microsoft's Money.

Agreement and Disclosures

For the online banking Agreement and Disclosures, click here.

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Security is a common concern for customers wishing to use the Internet to access their accounts. The First National Bank of Mifflintown provides Online Banking that uses a combination of industry-approved security technologies to protect data for the bank and for you, our customer. Some of these items include the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, digital ID, routers with firewalls, and password controlled system entry.

Before a customer can access The First National Bank of Mifflintown’s Online Banking service, they are required to create their Access ID and Password. The Access ID and password should be considered highly confidential information and not be shared with anyone. To aide in the security of your password, combinations of numbers with upper and lower case letters are best. Customers are required to use both numbers and letters in their passwords. Access IDs are also case sensitive. For additional security and to protect against identity theft, the customer will also be required to verify an image and passphrase when logging in. Without the proper log on information, customers cannot see or use any web pages within the product. Accounts are locked out after three (3) invalid attempts.

Customers can feel confident enjoying the convenience of our Online Banking.

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