Bill Pay

Discover the Freedom of Being Check Free

What does it mean to be check free? It means no more checkbook, stamps and filing cabinet. It means paying all your bills with a point and a click, and with maximum efficiency. It means having more control. More certainty. More time. Electronic billing and payment gives you the power to be check free.

No more spending hours a month writing out checks, balancing your checkbook, filing your bills, licking and stamping envelopes. Now you can pay all your bills online, from anywhere – home, work or while on the road.


Your Safety is Guaranteed

With CheckFree’s guarantee rest assured that your online payments will be executed safely and reliably. All electronic payments processed through CheckFree are backed by the CheckFree Guarantee. This two-part guarantee provides protection from unauthorized transactions, and limits your liability for late-payment-related charges due to processing delays, so long as the payment is scheduled in accordance with the service’s Terms & Conditions.


Free of Charge

Best of all, bill payment with CheckFree through The First National Bank of Mifflintown is provided to our online banking customers free of charge. To sign up, simply sign on to our personal online banking. Click on the Bill Payment tab, and CheckFree will guide you through the sign up process.


Introducing Popmoney – a new part of  Online Bill Pay

 , the fast way to send or receive money at any time. So quick and easy, you can pay back your best friend for the best burger in town, or pay back your friend for concert tickets, or send money to your son or daughter who is in college.

Some of the features include:

  1. Personalize your gift payments with an e-greeting template
  2. Set up future-dated  payments and recurring payments
  3. Import contacts from popular email services (such as Hotmail®, Yahoo!® ,Gmail®)
  4. Send money using an account number, in addition to using an email address or mobile number
  5. Add multiple email addresses and mobile numbers for any contact
  6. Respond to all Popmoney activity, including depositing payments and paying requests, from a central dashboard, or “To Do List”
  7. Receive money by simply verifying an email address or mobile phone number (without formally enrolling)

Access the largest person-to-person payment network for financial institutions, with 1,400 participating banks and credit unions.

And because Popmoney is part of Online Bill Pay (you must be enrolled in Online Bill Pay to use Popmoney), sending money has never been more secure or convenient — just login using your existing online password. The money goes directly from your bank account into their account usually within one business day, regardless of where they bank.

  • No checks, stamps or cash to pay someone back.
  • No need to wait for checks to cash.
  • No trips to the bank to deposit money.
  • No high fees — it’s only 50 cents to send and no cost to receive money.


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